Tesla Bot

Tesla bot is the new invention that “Elon Musk” engeneered

it is a 5’8 robot that is said to help on tasks. But a question remaines will the robots take over us.

It sounds weird but hear me out seeing what technology did in 2019 and thinking it is almost 2022 we can see we invested our time in a lot of AI.

And we can see we are creating robots that have their own mind one of them was the twitter bot she started kind but after listening to human conversations she strarted to swear reely hard and she was shut down not only the twitter bot made this much contreversy you can search “Crepy AI Moments” and you will see what ı mean.

As a person who loves tech ı dont think robots will take over but wee need to be aware because sicentist like Steve Hawkings said the robots could take over but ı am not a belever in this teory but only time will tell the truth.


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